4 Hidden Facts about Car Insurance

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Maybe you’ve been insuring your cars for a long time and think you know everything about it. Maybe you have a longtime insurance agent you like and who has been guiding you for years. But maybe, there are some factors you’ve never considered, factors that may  be costing you money. Here are a few:


  1. Bad credit affects car insurance rates. Statistics show that credit score is a good predictor of whether or not someone will file an insurance claim. Crazy, but true. So if both you and a friend get different California auto insurance quotes from http://california-insurance.net/california-auto-insurance-quotes/, that might be the reason


Of course, it’s not the only thing that helps insurance companies predict the likelihood of claim. Other factors are your driving record, where you live, average number miles you drive etc.  But credit score is one of the most important, so before you apply, try to improve your credit to improve your rates.


  1. Did you know your insurance company can refuse to renew you or cancel your policy whenever they want? It’s true. If your license is suspended or revoked or if you don’t pay on time, your insurance company may just cancel  your policy.  So it pays to drive carefully and to pay on time.


  1. You don’t have a policy until after the “Binding” periods. That is, your insurance company tells you that coverage is in place—and it is—but you don’t yet have a policy. Usually, the first 60 days are considered a “binding” period, during which but keeps checking your driving record, your credit and they examine your application carefully. If anything is amiss, they can refuse to give you a policy.


  1. Automatic renewal does not always work in your favor. Sure, it’s convenient to just keep going with the same car insurance company, but you could be missing a chance to lower your rates. It’s smart to check your policy each year and get new quotes from a few other car insurance companies, just to be sure you are still getting the best rates. It’s even possible that your current company will reduce your rate if they know you are getting better rates from other carriers.


It pays to be informed when it comes to car insurance, and to know some of the things most people aren’t aware of.  Getting the best California auto insurance quotes depends on it.

Pennsylvania Car Insurance

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It is required by law to have car insurance in Pennsylvania, this is to protect drivers in the case of an accident and also possesses a few coverage requirements as well. While each state has its own requirements, Pennsylvania car insurance | Pennsylvania-Insurance.net possesses fairly basic requirements for no-fault and liability coverage plans. These requirements are there to ensure not only the safety of the drivers on the road, but also to help you save money in the case of an accident as paying out of pocket for medical and property damages can get rather expensive. While some states require a minimum balance in your bank account when driving without insurance, the state of Pennsylvania does not have this loop hole and insurance is 100% required by law.


The state of Pennsylvania requires all drivers to possess a coverage plan that includes a few basic requirements. For starters, your coverage must have medical benefits coverage which is included in many no-fault insurance policies. This coverage must equal at least $5,000 to be considered meeting the requirement, as it will pay for the medical care that any injured passengers or yourself need. The second requirement is simply liability coverage which will cover the cost of the property damages that the accident has caused. To ensure that you are meeting these requirements properly, you must always carry your insurance card or proof of insurance in your vehicle to show proof that you possess the necessary coverage you need and avoid fines or jail time depending on the situation. The punishment for not possessing the proper insurance includes fines, suspension of your license, and the impounding of your car as the state of Pennsylvania takes uninsured and underinsured drivers extremely seriously.

Choosing Coverage

When choosing your coverage policy, you will always want to ensure that you plan possesses all of the requirements necessary in the case of an accident. You can even add on to your policy or bump up the coverage of the policy if it saves you money, however the minimum is all the state of Pennsylvania requires. While many companies may offer numerous bonuses for your policy, be sure to watch out for companies that will raise their prices exponentially for small raises in coverage or the addition of a coverage type or option. Ensure that you are comparing your options closely to avoid being over charged and always do your research on each provider that has caught your eye.

Arizona Home Insurance Quotes

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Make Sure Your Arizona Home Insurance Quotes Include Enough Liability Coverage

When you’re shopping around for Arizona home insurance quotes from http://arizona-insurance.website/arizona-home-insurance/, you’ll probably concentrate heavily on the amount of coverage your need for the value of your house. There are a million small details that go into the construction and finish of a house, and you’ll want to make sure you protect the largest investment you’re ever likely to make by insuring it properly.


Arizona home insurance quotes also include liability insurance. It doesn’t get as much attention as the insurance on the house itself, but it’s the legal duty of every homeowner to keep visitors to their house safe from hazards. An example is when someone trips and falls on a faulty step on your property. Arizona home insurance quotes usually only specify a dollar figure for liability insurance, and few homeowners even read the boilerplate terms that come with the policy.


If someone does suffer a serious accident on your property and sues you for negligence, you might wish you’d read the terms on your Arizona home insurance quotes more closely. When you suffer a loss on your home due to something like a fire, you know fairly well how much it will cost to replace things like a couch or a refrigerator. If your entire house is destroyed, you can get a price to have it rebuilt in from willing contractors. If you’re sued for a personal injury accident, the amount you might be required to pay can seem nearly unlimited. That’s why it pays to take precautions to prevent injuries in and around your home. Here’s a handy list of common problems you can fix:


  • Keep all walkways and paths clear of snow and ice
  • Never leave toys on walkways or stairs outside the home
  • Clear away icicles and snow that might fall on visitors from a roof or eave
  • Make sure to use non-skid pads under all rugs near doors and in hallways
  • Make sure your pool is properly fenced in
  • If you’re throwing a pool party, assign lifeguard duties to one qualified adult, or hire a lifeguard
  • Train your dog not to bite or chase strangers
  • Make sure there is proper lighting at all stairwells inside and out
  • Avoid having a trampoline in your yard


If you’re unsure if your Arizona home insurance quotes have enough coverage for liability, ask your agent about an umbrella policy that will give you an additional layer of coverage if your regular insurance isn’t enough.

Driving Mistakes Experienced Drivers Take for granted

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Once we’ve been driving for years, we feel pretty comfortable behind the wheel.  We’ve developed skills and have even had a close call or two. We feel pretty invincible.  The trouble is, we aren’t invincible.  Because we think we know so much, we take some things for granted—and some driving mistakes, too.


But we shouldn’t. First, we risk putting ourselves and others in danger. But second, you risk being unable to find reasonable Illinois auto insurance quotes unless you visit http://illinois-insurance.website/illinois-auto-insurance-quotes/.  If you think you need to clean up your driving act, here are a few of the driving errors we take for granted.


Speeding through yellows

How many times have we seen a yellow light and sped right through it so we don’t get caught at a red?  Some yellows are long lights—we almost expect them to be. But some aren’t, and turn red just before we get into the intersection. If a driver on the other road isn’t paying attention, you could be hit.  It’s far better to simply slow down and stop at the red light.  A few minutes at a light isn’t the end of the world.


Ignore school zones

It’s easy to miss the speed limit changes in school zones when they are in residential areas, as most are.  The school zone speed limit is usually 25 miles per hour and you’d be surprised at the number of police that stalk schools just waiting for this common driving errors.  And they’d be right to ticket a driver who is speeding in a zone that has so many kids.


Too tired to drive

Can you think of a time or two when you shouldn’t have gotten behind the wheel because you were sleep-deprived? You can probably think of two or three or even 10.  But when you’re tired, reflexes aren’t quick. We don’t respond as well to a possible emergency. And some people even fall asleep at the wheel.  If you’re too tired to drive, don’t get behind a wheel.


Adjust for wet roads

Rain is a hazard. You may think you know how to drive in the rain, and maybe you do. But others on the road may not.  Speeds need to be slower and you need to be far more careful about driving defensively in the rain because you can’t predict what others will do.


Last minute changes

Have you ever almost passed an exit and then quickly slid over to get into that lane, usually without looking to see if you’re going to cut someone off? Or changed lanes at the last minute? These are super-dangerous maneuvers.

10 Fun Facts About Cars

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Most of us have cars and in fact, cars have always been part of our lives. We remember our first car, our favorite car, the car we learned to drive in and maybe our family’s first cars.  So how about some fun car facts?


It was 1886 in Germany when Karl Benz invented the first car. Yes, that Benz.  But it took a while for cars to become widely available.


In America, Henry Ford’s Model T was the first car to be really popular. That was in 1908 and cars began to replace horse-drawn carriages and carts. The cars were called Tin Lizzies.


Ford was once quoted as saying that in the future “Customers can have any color car they want as long as it’s black.”  Can  you imagine?


But that wasn’t really true, because from 1908 to 1912, Model Ts only came in grey, green, blue and red, depending on the model.  By 1914, cars were black, probably because it was cheaper. Today’s cars have elaborate names like Tahitian Pearl, Goldfinger and Polynesian Green.


In 1976 the most popular colors for cars in America were red, white and blue. Americans took the bicentennial seriously. One has to wonder how many regretted that decision.


Would you believe the first electric cars were made in 1880s and were actually pretty popular into the early 20th century. But that popularity ended when technology brought about internal combustion engines and cheap gas.  In the late 1980s they became popular again during the U.S. energy crisis, but nothing became commercially viable until around 2008.  You have to wonder what would have happened to insurance rates had electric cars really taken hold back then. Would drivers have been able to get reasonable New Jersey auto insurance quotes from http://newjersey-insurance.net/new-jersey-auto-insurance-quotes/?  Now, Tesla’s the big name in electric cars—electric muscle cars.  The car is pricey and probably not cheap to insure.


It was called the Hydramatic. Developed by General Motors and introduced in Cadillacs and Oldsmobiles for the 1940 model year , it was the very first automatic transmission for passenger cars.


Speaking of Oldsmobiles, they are no longer made. Other big name brands that now are left to history include the Edsel, Nash, the Rambler, Studebaker, the Stutz and the Packard—both favorites in old movies—and the Pontiac, among others. It remains to be seen if the Tesla will take off or go the way of these once famous old brands.

Celebrities who love to race cars

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What is it about car racing that makes it so attractive to celebs? Is it the rush of having a speeding car around them? Or the hot cars that look so sleek and modern? Or do they just have money to burn?  It can be an expensive hobby.


Maybe the craze began in 1955 with a Kirk Douglas movie called The Racers. In the film, Douglas played an Italian bus driver who dreamed of racing in the Grand Prixe. But that was as far as Douglas got in racing—the movies. But that’s not true of other celebrities.


You can’t think of San Francisco hills without the movie, Bullitt, and its iconic scene of actor Steve McQueen in a car chase up and down the streets coming to mind. What you may  not know that in his free time, he loved to race cars.  His colleagues James Garner and Gene Hackman had the same love.


Although the generation that knew him is passing, most people know that actor James Dean died young in an car carsh. What they may not know is that he was starting an auto racing career when he died—in fact, he was en route to a race when his Porsche spun out and the accident killed him.


Even though his story is well known, actors that followed him also followed in his racing footsteps. Take the late Paul Newman, an actor with many interests. One of them was car racing and he was an avid racer, to his wife’s dismay. He wasn’t just a celebrity at play, either: he was 70 years old when he actually won at Daytona.  Newman was professionally committed to everything he did.


Some of these actors lived in New York, raising the question of New York auto insurance quotes from http://newyork-insurance.website/new-york-auto-insurance-quotes/. Were their rates higher because of their racing hobby?  That can be considered two ways—either it’s a risky  hobby or the actors have finely honed driving skills.s


The racing bug seems to have not hit women in the same way. Although there are many capable female race car drivers, actresses don’t seem to feel the need for speed in the same way their male counterparts do.  It could be because they make their living off their appearance and don’t want to risk a disfiguring injury. Or maybe they just have better sense.